FAQ Before Picture Day

How do I book a Picture Day for my center?

Contact me at jessicalifephotography@gmail.com or by clicking "View Calendar" below to check availability.

Jessica Life Photography photographs students in daycares and Preschools in Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas.

What age range of students do you photograph?

I specialize in preschool and daycare portraits, so the primary age group is ages 6 weeks to 5 years.

Is there a minimum number of students needed?

I require a minimum of 20 children, however I can accommodate smaller groups if needed.

Is the center charged for Picture Day?

No, there is not a fee charged to the center. In fact, the center earns money from these Picture Days.

The center will receive staff headshots at no charge as well as 50% off coupons for Family Photo sessions.

Not only is this free for your center, but it's also a fundraiser! I will donate 10% of my profit from you center right back to your daycare center!

FAQ The Day of Picture Day

Do you take photos of siblings?

Yes, of course. All students who have a sibling will be photographed together and separate.

When do you schedule Picture Days?

Picture Days are typically scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Depending on the number of students at your school and their age ranges, 2 days may be scheduled to ensure all students have the opportunity for super cute photos.

How long does each child's photo session take?

Depending on the age of the child, anywhere from a minute or two to several minutes.

Because every attempt is made to get personal with the children and to capture authentic smiles, there is no “assembly line” type structure to school photos with me. Every student and sibling group gets their own little mini session!

How many poses does each child get?

My goal is for each child to have his/her own mini-session. I go through a series of standing, sitting, and prop poses. Each child typically has 5 different poses to choose from; depending on the willingness of the child.

FAQ After Picture Day

How do parents place orders?

Each school receives a beautiful, easy-to-use online website that showcases each child's photos in individually password-protected online galleries. Parents order right from the gallery. Parents can even view sibling galleries and check out all at once.

How long does it take for photos to arrive?

Orders are delivered to the center within 2 weeks of Picture Day. Parents also have the options to have their photos shipped directly to their home.