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family walking in front of vine covered wall at stockton park in jacksonville fl

Jacksonville Family Photographer

Hey Jacksonville moms! If you have wild and wiggly little ones, then Jessica Life Photography is YOUR family photographer! As a mom of 3 little girls, 2 of whom are neurodivergent, I understand how it is to get the kids ready and cooperative for family photos. I, too, have had to bribe and beg my kids to just calm down and cooperate. I’ve hoped the photographer was able to get just one nice photo of my family. I’m here to help alleviate that stress for you, and assure you that yes, I am getting nice photos of your fun and energetic family!

Jacksonville, FL is full of beautiful parks that make the perfect natural backdrops for your family photo session! I’ve visited many of them myself and have narrowed them down to my top 5 favorite parks for family photos in Jacksonville. To help you choose the perfect location for your family photoshoot, I wrote Your Ultimate Guide to Jacksonville Photoshoot Locations.

family on a tree at stockton park in jacksonville fl

I'd love to share the wonderful benefits of a family photo session for the moms in Jacksonville searching for that perfect family photographer!

Capture Cherished Moments: There are so many moments in my motherhood journey that I wish I could have frozen in time. As a mother, we are always behind the camera. There is little opportunity to see yourself in that fun and memorable moment with your family. I get that. I want to capture you having fun with your family. A family photo session allows you to enjoy the fun and silly moments with your family. From candid laughter to quiet snuggles, you'll have a collection that beautifully tells the story of your family's love for one another.

sweet family on the beach at jacksonville beach fl
  • Celebrate Family Bonds: Family photos go beyond just photos – they are the love, connection, and joy unique to your family. During a photo session, we'll bring out the essence of your family bonds, creating images that showcase the joy and closeness you share. It's a celebration of your family’s story, and these photos will serve as a heartfelt reminder of the love that surrounds your family every day.
big brother holding baby sister walking on the beach at guana park near jacksonville fl

Personalized Art for Your Home: I remember before I had children, I decorated my home with beautiful flower paintings on canvas. When I had children, I added some photos of them to the walls. When I got to that second child, it began to dawn on me that I didn’t have enough space on the walls to keep my beautiful art AND pictures of my growing family. The solution that I’ve found that works best is turning my family into art! Imagine a canvas gallery wall art of your family hanging above your couch! That’s what I want for you! I want to turn your family photos into art! A family photo session is the perfect opportunity to create personalized art for your home!

family standing on the beach having a sweet moment at guana park near jacksonville fl
dad kissing mom while holding baby at the beach at guana park near jacksonville fl
toddler standing under the pier at jacksonville beach fl

So, moms of Jacksonville, let's go on that fun and heartwarming photo journey together – capturing moments, celebrating bonds, and turning your home into an art gallery of beautiful memories!