Maternity Photography

maternity couple standing in the tree branches at treaty oak park in jacksonville fl

Jacksonville Maternity Photographer

Hey soon-to-be moms in Jacksonville, FL! At Jessica Life Photography, I LOVE capturing important milestones for Jacksonville families! What's more important than adding a new bundle of joy to your family? There isn't anything I can think of. Maternity photo sessions are all about capturing the memories of your pregnancy and motherhood journey. 

father and sun playing in the beach behind mom as she walks to the camera at jacksonville beach in jacksonville, fl

Here are three benefits that will make your maternity photo session an unforgettable experience:

  • Celebrate Your Journey: Pregnancy is an extraordinary journey filled with love, anticipation, and endless possibilities. You deserve to celebrate, and a maternity photo session in Jacksonville, FL is a fantastic way to celebrate this beautiful chapter in your life! As a mom of 3, I understand the awe and wonder as I welcomed each of my little bundles into the world! Your body is working so hard to make your beautiful baby, and it's such a miracle! This should most definitely be celebrated!
maternity couple holding sonogram photo under the tree at treaty oak park in downtown jacksonville fl
  • Timeless Keepsakes for Generations: My kids and I LOVE flipping through photo albums together! They love looking at all the pictures of themselves, especially those photos of them while they're still in Mama's belly. In the heart of Jacksonville, FL, we'll create images that tell your family’s unique story, preserving this beautiful time of your life for generations to come. These images are not just for you; they're also for your little one. Photos are a great way to preserve the love and affection you feel for your baby before he or she even arrives!
maternity couple kissing under the tree at treaty oak park in downtown jacksonville fl
  • Feel Empowered and Beautiful: Pregnancy is a time of amazing transformation and beauty. A maternity photo session is your chance to show off that baby bump, embracing the stunning transformation your body is undergoing. I remember feeling huge and not pretty when I was pregnant. Then I had my maternity photos done, and I saw just how beautiful my pregnancy was! I want to help you feel this way too! It's not just about the photos; it's about embracing your journey with confidence and joy.
maternity photoshoot at the beach under the pier with mom holding her belly at jacksonville beach in jacksonville, fl
  • Spoil Yourself: You’re growing a human, and that is a very good reason to get a little spoiled. You deserve it! You’re working around the clock. A maternity photoshoot in Jacksonville, FL is the perfect opportunity to spoil yourself. Go ahead and buy the beautiful maternity gown that’s already in your cart. Don’t forget about a hairdresser and a makeup artist for some pampering before your session!
pregnant woman doing maternity pose in tree branches at treaty oak park in downtown jacksonville fl

Maternity photo sessions are done at an outdoor location that fits your family’s lifestyle and story. Jacksonville, FL has a lot of gorgeous options at one of our many parks! I should know, I wrote Your Ultimate Guide to Jacksonville Photoshoot Locations to assist families such as yours with choosing the perfect backdrop for your maternity photos.

When a soon-to-be mom reaches out to me for her maternity photoshoot, often the first question she asks is when in her pregnancy is the best time. The best time for maternity photos is between 26-34 weeks. During this time, you'll be feeling your best and have the most energy. Your bump will be picture perfect! Ideally, you want to be somewhat comfortable so you'll be able to fully enjoy the experience!

maternity couple standing under tree at treaty oak park in downtown jacksonville fl
maternity couple dancing in front of tree at treaty oak park in jacksonville fl
maternity pose of mom sitting down under tree at treaty oak park in downtown jacksonville fl
family maternity photoshoot on the beach with the pier in the background mom, dad, son in jacksonville, fl
maternity photoshoot at the beach with woman leaning against pier, holding her belly in jacksonville, fl
maternity photoshoot with mom leaning against a white wall, holding her belly while looking at it in jacksonville fl

Are you ready to embark on this enchanting photographic adventure? Let's create memories that will make your heart flutter every time you glance at them. As your Jacksonville family photographer, I'm here to turn your maternity moments into a timeless work of art!